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Notes on Immigration: Immigrating to UK, Australia, Canada, Taiwan, and Singapore

Last Updated : 2021-08-05

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Notes on Immigration: Immigrating to UK, Australia, Canada, Taiwan, and Singapore

Speaking of immigration, of course it's exciting to go to a new place and start a new life! But organizing and moving houses has always been a headache. Don’t worry, Fulffy has specially sorted out the must-know tips for immigrants to move, and talks about common immigrants’ items and allowances for personal items of immigrants in different regions to help you live overseas easily!


Must-bring items for immigration

The quality of life and cost of living abroad can be very different from that of Hong Kong, so many people choose to send daily necessities, groceries and furniture overseas. Want to immigrate overseas but don't know where to start? It’s better to refer to the daily necessities recommended by Hong Kong people who have moved abroad~


  1. 1. Items for immigration: Rice cooker

Hong Kong people are accustomed to eating rice. If you immigrate to European and American countries, you may not be able to adapt to Western-style meals. In addition, the price of eating out is expensive, so sending rice cookers can help you solve three meals a day more easily.

  1. 2. Items for immigration: Mobile phones and computers

Generally, there is a consumption tax in foreign countries ,for example at least 20% VAT is added to the United Kingdom for immigration. Moreover, there may be differences in the styles that can be bought in different countries and regions. It is best to buy enough quantity in Hong Kong and send it abroad.

  1. 3. Items for immigration: Japanese and Korean cosmetics, skin care products

Usually in Hong Kong, cosmetics and skin care products from Japan and Korea can be bought easily, but if you immigrate to Europe and the United States, they may be very expensive. So if you use Japanese and Korean brand products and don't want to use the new brand right away, remember to pack it up and send it abroad.

  1. 4. Items for immigration: Hand warmer

The weather in Europe and the United States changes greatly, and the temperature in winter is lower than that in Hong Kong. Therefore, it may be difficult to adapt when moving to these areas. Therefore, sending more warm packs is also a good choice.

  1. 5. Items for immigration: Clothes, shoes

You don’t have to send a large amount of clothes overseas. You can buy them locally, but you can bring some pure cotton clothes such as socks, underwear and other underwear. At the same time, consider bringing a few waterproof clothes. Don’t need to bring too many warm clothes, but you can bring a few thick cotton coats, sweaters, 1-2 pieces of down jackets, plus scarves, gloves, and hats.

You don’t need to buy new shoes in particular. There are usually many styles in foreign countries and the price is not expensive.

  1. 6. Items for immigration: Books

When you live abroad, you will gradually lose the opportunity to speak Cantonese and write Chinese. So it is suggested that you can send more Chinese books abroad so that you and your family can review your native language anytime, anywhere.

  1. 7. Items for immigration: Socket

The sockets in foreign regions may be different from those in Hong Kong, and the ones that can be sold locally may not match the plugs of your electrical appliances (laptops, computers, mobile phones). So it is suggested that you buy them in Hong Kong before sending them.

8. Items for immigration: Masks

With the pandemic still on-going, don’t forget to bring the most important masks to protect yourself!


Personal item allowance

When you move to different countries, you may enjoy tax allowances for personal belongings. Let’s take a look at the requirements of popular countries~


1. Immigration to the UK

For Immigration to the UK, you must apply for ToR1 (Transfer of residence relief) in advance. After that, the first year of immigration to the UK will be tax-deductible in transporting personal items for more than 6 months, including daily necessities and clothing. However, please note that the craftsman tools such as decoration and electrician need to be declared separately.

2. Immigration to Taiwan

The personal goods allowance for immigrating to Taiwan is 2000 TWD. However, you must first arrive in Taiwan before shipment arrives, then you can enjoy duty-free customs clearance.

3. Immigration to USA

The personal item allowance for immigrating to the United States is 800 USD.

4. Immigration to Australia

Immigration to Australia’s personal goods allowance is 1,000 AUD, but does not include alcoholic beverages, perfumes, tobacco and their products.

5. Immigration to Canada

Immigration to Canada for personal use and non-gift item allowance is 20 CAD per post.


⚠️  Please note that if masks and medical products are specially controlled products in your country of immigration, tariffs may still occur even if the total amount is less than the tax allowance, so please check before sending the package~

For more Hong Kong embargoes and sensitive shipment restrictions, please refer toList of prohibited items, for a more detailed list of prohibited items.


Frequently asked question

What are the application conditions for immigrating to the UK ToR1?

1. Have lived outside the EU in the past 12 months 2. The item sent has been owned and used for at least 6 months 3. Tobacco, alcohol and commercial vehicles are not exempt from tax

When immigrating, can large items be sent overseas?

Yes, pianos, furniture, cars, etc. can all be sent overseas. But it is recommended to measure whether the mailing fee will be more expensive than buying it locally.

When immigrate, will masks have tax allowances?

Not necessarily, it depends on the policies and restrictions of the country of immigration.