WAKE ISLAND Tariffs and import taxes

This guide aims to provide you with all the information you need to know when sending a shipment to (WAKE ISLAND) using our calculation tools and professional knowledge.
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WAKE ISLAND Tariffs and Value Added Tax Guide

Tariffs refer to the taxes levied by WAKE ISLAND on goods entering or leaving its borders in accordance with local laws.

Regardless of the declared purpose of the items you send, WAKE ISLAND customs can determine the import duties to be levied on those items based on factors such as their value and quantity.

How is import tax calculated for shipping to WAKE ISLAND ?

Tariffs plus value-added tax equals import tax. To give a simple example: when the declared value of an item is $200, with a tariff rate of 7% and a value-added tax rate of 10%, the calculation method is as follows:

Import tax

Declared value x Customs duty rate = Tariff

$200 x 7% = 14 Tariff

(Declared value + Tariff) x VAT rate = VAT

($200 + 14) x 10 % = 21 VAT

WAKE ISLAND Tariff and customs fees


Tax Allowance


Tariff allowance

Import tariff product categories

The shipping items in the order will be subject to relevant tariff at this rate.

**All information is for reference only and tax rates may change at any time. The calculation of taxes may differ from that of local customs, and everything is subject to the decision of the customs at that time.

WAKE ISLAND Tariff and Customs Fee Calculator

Calculating import duties requires a clear understanding of the material and quantity of the goods, as well as the adjustment factors for import taxes and value-added taxes at WAKE ISLAND customs at that time.

The accurate import duties can only be known after the goods have been assessed by WAKE ISLAND customs. For tariff reference, please refer to the WAKE ISLAND tariff and customs fee calculation table below.

Hong Kong to WAKE ISLAND Shipping Fee


Prepare Documents Before Sending Package to WAKE ISLAND

Before sending, you need to submit the waybill label, standard invoice, and battery label (if applicable).

We will handle customs clearance based on the documents you provide, making the process more convenient and simple!

Standard invoice

Waybill label

Battery label

Restricted and Prohibited Items in WAKE ISLAND

The list of restricted items for entry is subject to frequent changes. Please consult the official customs website of the receiving location before sending a package.


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