Packaging Guide: How to Properly Package Mail to Avoid Additional Shipping Charges

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Packaging Guide: How to Properly Package Mail to Avoid Additional Shipping Charges

Proper Packaging for International Mail to Avoid Additional Charges

To ensure that your international mail is properly packaged and to avoid any additional charges, please carefully read the following guidelines:


There are two situations that may result in additional charges:

(1)Package Size Too Small to Affix Shipping Label and Standard Invoice

Before sending out your package, the sender needs to print the shipping label and standard invoice. Affix the shipping label securely onto the package, and hand over the standard invoice to the courier. Upon receiving the package, the courier will place the standard invoice into a designated transparent bag measuring 29cm X 18cm, and then affix it onto the package.


If the package's surface area is insufficient to fully affix the shipping label (as shown in the image below):
Alternatively, if the package size is smaller than 29cm X 18cm and cannot accommodate the transparent bag provided by the courier (as shown in the image below), the courier will place the package inside a larger courier bag, resulting in increased volume. This discrepancy in measured weight between the courier and the sender may lead to additional shipping charges.
或者包裹尺寸小於29cm X 18cm,無法貼上快遞商提供的透明袋。快遞員會將包裹放入尺寸較大的快遞袋中,令包裹的體積重增加。由於快遞商與寄件人量度的重量出現偏差,導致產生運費差價。所以建議各位自備透明封口袋,按以下包裝指南包裝你的包裹:

To avoid the aforementioned situations, we recommend that you prepare your own transparent sealable bag and follow the packaging guidelines below:



1.  Place the shipping label inside the self-prepared transparent sealable bag and affix it onto the cardboard box, ensuring that the shipping label is fully visible.

**The transparent sealable bag can be purchased at stationery stores or alternatively, you can use a resealable plastic bag as long as it is transparent and allows for clear display of the barcode on the shipping label.
1.  將運費標籤放入透明封口袋中,並將其貼在紙箱上,運費標籤需完整顯露出來。  **透明封口袋可以在文具店購賣,或者使用密實袋,只要是透明能封口,清晰展示運費標籤的條碼便可。

**Error demonstration: Please do not fold the waybill label in half**


2. Fold the standard invoice to the appropriate size and put it in a transparent sealed bag (behind the waybill label)

2. 標準發票摺至合適尺寸放入透明封口袋中(運單標籤後面)

3. Finally seal the transparent sealing bag


(2):Not using cardboard boxes, courier bags, or any packaging materials to package the items for shipment.

Some shipped items may already have their own packaging boxes, but they are often not sturdy enough and are prone to damage during the shipping process. This can potentially affect the insurance coverage for the package or cause delays in delivery. Therefore, the courier may place unpackaged items into a courier bag, resulting in additional shipping charges due to the increased size of the bag.

(二):沒有使用紙箱、快遞袋等包裝物料包裹託運物品  有些託運物品可能本身已經有包裝盒,但通常不夠堅固,很可能在運送過程中損毀,這有機會影響包裹的保險賠償或造成寄件延誤。因此快遞員會將沒有使用外包裝的託運物品放入快遞袋中,尺寸因快遞袋尺寸變大而產生運費差價。

You can choose to use appropriately sized cardboard boxes or courier bags to package the items. If using a courier bag, please ensure that it is tightly wrapped around the items to avoid any unnecessary protrusions that may increase the volumetric weight.


How to calculate package volumetric weight??

The courier company uses an electronic measurement system to measure both the actual weight and volumetric weight of the package. The higher of the two values will be used to calculate the shipping cost. For example, if the volumetric weight is greater than the actual weight, the shipping cost will be calculated based on the volumetric weight. The measurement system uses cameras to scan the package (refer to the image below) and measure its length, width, and height to calculate the volumetric weight. Therefore, it is best to tightly wrap the package in the courier bag and avoid any unnecessary protrusions or corners.



To avoid incurring additional shipping charges, please use appropriately sized courier-specific boxes or bags to package the items for shipment. Additionally, if using a courier bag, please fold and secure any excess protrusions of the bag and ensure that the edges are properly sealed (as shown in the image below).

包裝郵件指南(二)  為避免產生運費差價,請使用尺寸合適的快遞專用紙箱或快遞袋包裝託運物品。另外,如果使用快遞袋,需將快遞袋多餘突出的部分摺起並包邊貼好(如下圖)。      如果你對包裝有任何問題,歡迎隨時聯絡Fuuffy客服。

If you have any questions or concerns regarding packaging, please feel free to contact Fuuffy customer service 


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