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Hong Kong to UK: Etsy Easy Refund or Exchange Steps

Last Updated : 2023-01-06

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Etsy Refund or Exchange

【Hong Kong ship to UK】- Etsy 3 Easy Steps to Refund or Exchange 

Online shopping is one of the most common things we all do nowadays, but shopping overseas is always troublesome: what if I don’t like it anymore? How can I exchange if I bought wrongly?

Don’t worry! Refund or exchange on Etsy is simple and Fulffy is here to tell you all you need to know~

Etsy is a global online market that mainly sells handmade products and vintage boutiques. Although its products are loved by many, there are still situations where you may want a refund or exchange of products. Follow Fulffy’s guide to refund or exchange in ease!


Step 1: Check store exchange and return policies

Each Etsy seller has different refund, exchange and return policies. If you’re unsatisfied with your order, you can first go to the homepage of the seller’s store and click on the policy at the top, or find the store policy on the list page under ‘Shipping and Returns’

Etsy refund exchange return

Buyers may go to the homepage of the seller’s store and click on ’Announcement’ to check out the policies and latest news.

⚠️  Unless details of exchange and return are specified in store policies, the seller doesn’t need to accept.


Step 2: Contact the seller

If you would like to cancel the order, you should contact the seller to him/ her know that you want to exchange or return the product. If the seller is willing to accept, remember to clarify the following details on Etsy Conversations:

  1. 1. What is the return address for exchange/ return
  3. 2. The time frame when the seller wants to recycle the product
  5. 3. Who should be responsible for the shipping fee and customs duties if they are not mentioned in store policies

Etsy refund exchange return

Buyer may click on ’Contact shop owner’ to start a conversation with the seller

Want to know more about UK import tariffs?Fulffy is here to help.


Step 3: Open case

This step depends on the situation. If you think that the seller’s refusal is unreasonable or both parties are unable to reach a consensus, you may participate in Etsy’s case system. Etsy will attempt to resolve your conflicts based solely on its interpretation of its policies.

Etsy refund exchange return

Click’Your account’at the top of the page

Etsy refund exchange return

Click’Purchases and reviews’

Then you can click ’Help with order’ beside your order, choose ’Still need help?’, choose’Yes, I want to open a case’。


Very easy and simple right? But just a small reminder, don’t put restricted items in your parcel when you ship back to your seller!

Since Etsy’s sellers are mostly in UK, feel free to take a look at our guide to UK Customs Restricted Items!

Frequently asked question

What is Etsy’s case system?

When you report a case, Etsy will review your case and make a decision, and it may require both seller and buyer to provide relevant information. When Etsy finalizes its decision, both parties must abide. For details, please refer to the Terms of Use on the Etsy website.

Can I participate in case system at the very beginning?

Case system should be the last resolution. Etsy suggests the buyer to try resolve the dispute amicably.

What can I do if the seller has no specific store policies?

Etsy suggests users to use its house rules as reference, but you should also contact the seller for their specific store policies.