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In 1969,DHL opened the first express route from San Francisco to Honolulu. The name of DHL is made up of the initials of the three founders (Dalcy, Hilbrom and Lynn). Soon after, DHL Air Cargo expanded its routes to Hong Kong, Japan, the Philippines, Australia and Singapore. Based on the idea of ​​establishing a new global door-to-door express service network in the mid-1970s, DHL Air Cargo expanded its routes to South America, the Middle East and Africa.

Since 2002, Deutsche Post has owned all shares and merged DHL Air Cargo Company, Danzas and EuroExpress into the new DHL Air Cargo Company. In 2003, Deutsche Post purchased American Air Express and integrated it into DHL Air Cargo. In 2005, Deutsche Post acquired the British company Exel plc and integrated it into DHL Air Cargo. So far, DHL Air Cargo's express company has one of the most comprehensive express networks in the world, reaching 120,000 destinations in 220 countries and regions.
On January 26, 2007, DHL announced the official launch of its air cargo business in China.
In December 2018, DHL was selected as the finalist of the global top 500 brands in 2018, ranking 63rd.

DHL Air Cargo has approximately 420 aircraft in its fleet, mainly including Airbus A300 and Boeing 757 cargo ships. The original Boeing 727 fleet is being phased out. The hub airport for the DHL Air Cargo fleet is located in Brussels, Belgium.

DHL's acquisition of Air Hong Kong in October 2002: Cathay Pacific Airways cooperated with DHL Air Cargo and transfered 40% of Air Hong Kong’s shares to DHL Air Cargo. Air Hong Kong opened DHL cargo flights from Hong Kong to Asia. Airport Express Cargo Center: The first phase of the 18,200 square meter AirPort Express Cargo Center is located at Hong Kong International Airport. It was built by DHL International, a subsidiary of DHL Air Cargo Company in Hong Kong and cost 100 million U.S. dollars to build. It officially started operations on the 16th. When the second and third phases of the project are completed one after another, the final handling capacity of the entire freight center increased to 900 tons of cargo per day, and it can handle 20,000 cargo per hour. The DHL global express network includes two separate legal entities. DHL Airlines Co., Ltd. is headquartered in California and provides air express services to the United States and its territories. DHL International Co., Ltd, is headquartered in Brussels, Belgium. Responsible for providing services to other regions.

DHL's strategic partners include two airlines, JAL and Lufthansa. Since January 2001, the Deutsche Post World Network has increased DHL's share to 51%. Thanks to this cooperation, DHL's business continues to grow steadily, which shows that DHL is determined to consolidate its leading position in Air China Express.

DHL has become a wholly-owned subsidiary of Brussels-based Deutsche Post through the acquisition of shares. In addition to express delivery, DHL also includes sub-brands such as Dansha Shipping and EXEL Logistics. , DHL announced its withdrawal from the United States at the end of 2008. This is a domestic express delivery market that only focuses on international express delivery.