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Hong Kong Shipping to the UK: Instant Compare and Booking Shipment from HK to the UK

Last Updated : 2023-11-08

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Recently, many people have immigrated from Hong Kong to the UK. wanna to l show you all the fastest, most flat and most affordable methods, and teach you how to send a parcel from Hong Kong to the UK in a favourable price! Let's Go!

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The most suitable method to ship your parcel from HK to the UK

It takes for 2 to 21 days for shipping parcels from HK to the UK. If you want to be faster, you can choose to send from Hong Kong to the UK by air mail: The following are some of the choices that Hong Kong people are familiar with:

ship from hk to the uk

UPS is one of the fastest options for sending packages to the UK. As for everyone, you don’t need to worry about the price, because you can enjoy exclusive discounts for sending to the UK by booking through Fulffy!

Ship from HK to the UK

Ship from HK to the UK
Calculated the freight instantly


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Things needs to notice before shipping your parcel from HK to the UK

1. For common items, such as clothes, hats and documents, it is faster to ship to the UK via Aramex or UPS. The calculation of freight for international express is based on the larger one of the volumetric weight and the actual weight. Volume weight is calculated as length * width * height / 5000.

2. No illegal drugs can be sent. Offensive weapons like knives, guns, sprays like pepper sprays and styling sprays, endangered animals and plants, precious metals such as diamonds and gold, obscene items and most meat and dairy products can not be sent.

3. Items such as chemicals, food, medicines and items including batteries usually require a designated courier company to be shipped to the UK. Therefore, it is recommended that you contact Fulffy customer service team for a suggestion before sending these items. In addition, it is recommended that you reserve more time, because the completion of the transportation and customs clearance procedures costs longer. If your consignment requires special inspections, such as magnetic inspections, special handling fees will be charged.

4. We do not recommend transporting fragile and valuable items. But if there is a real need, we recommend that you install reinforced packaging to reduce the chance of damage.

5. It is recommended to take out transportation insurance when transporting high-value items. Transportation insurance charges are charged according to the plans provided by individual courier companies (the amount of insurance must not exceed the actual value of the product). Please contact Fulffy customer service for more information about transportation insurance.

6. UK import taxes are composed of customs duties and value-added tax (VAT). As long as the value of the goods exceeds a certain value, you must pay tariffs. Product value, transportation costs, packaging costs, and freight insurance are all included. At the same time, VAT must be paid. The current ordinary value-added tax is 20%.


Restricted items for shipping from HK to the UK

International companies generally divide goods into four categories: general items, valuable items, restricted items and prohibited items. All courier companies can deliver general items. Valuable items or restricted items must be transported by a special courier company, although special packaging and safety certification documents are required. Prohibited items are items prohibited by the local customs or the customs of the place of export.

Prohibited items: hormones and psychotropic substances that affect the safety of air transportation, human placenta, hydraulic filling products, alcohol, flammable and explosive products; any prohibited or controlled items by express company airline carrier, guns and ammunition, controlled knives, Narcotics, currency, etc.

Valuable items, restricted items: general food, a small amount of powder (except for white powder), cosmetics (foundation, eye shadow, mascara, lipstick, mask, eyeliner, eyebrow pencil, lipstick, etc.), well-known brand clothes, handbags, shoes, etc. ( The shipper must provide the original documents of the approved sales company). Liquids, chemicals, perfumes, nail polish, shower gels, shampoos, essential oils, magnets, wet tissues, tea leaves, products with batteries, etc.

Aside from the items mentioned above, you should also pay attention to certain products like items with regional copyright or political and religious.

Ship From Hong Kong to the UK- Arrival Time and Freight