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Local pickup fee

Local pickup fee is charged based on each pickup address per time. 

Customer can select multiple orders and arrange a single pickup. 
Pickup fee is calculated based on the total billable weight of selected orders. 

Calculation as follows:

0.1kg - 3kgHKD40
3.01kg - 5kgHKD47
5.01kg - 10kgHKD73
10.01kg - 15kgHKD93
Exceed 10.01kg, every 5kg+HKD21


Other Surcharge:

Tung Chung SurchargeHKD41
Oversize Surcharge 
- Sum of three Sides between 150 – 200cmHKD103
- Sum of three sides over 200cmNegotiable
Stairs Surcharge (For building without lift) 
- Order under 5kg
  ~~ First 3 LevelFree
  ~~ Each Level Afterwards (Maximum 8 Level)HKD52 per level
- Order over 5kg and under 10kg 
  ~~Each level (Maximum 8th level)HKD52 per level
- Order over 10kgNegotiable