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How to Pack a Parcel



After completing your shipment booking on fuuffy, don’t forget to pack your parcel properly to facilitate the pick-up process.  Here are some tips of packing from fuuffy’s Specialist!

How to pick the most suitable packaging?</span >

The size and materials of your parcel affect the choose of packaging. Here are some significant factors to consider:

  • Item size: Packing your parcel with a packaging that doesn’t suit the size of your parcel might increase the possibility that the parcel be damaged during transit. Therefore, you’ll have to consider the size of your parcel in advance and choose a packaging with similar size to the item when choosing packaging.
  • Item Category: According to the type and material of the item, the required degree of protection will vary. For example, fragile products need to add multiple layers of protection (such as adding a layer of Bubble paper). You also need to reserve some space to add other cushioning materials (such as styrofoam) to reduce the impact of friction and product damage. If you want to send items that are difficult to destroy (such as clothes, books, etc.), you can place them in the same box. If you want to send fragile items (speakers, ceramics, glassware, handicrafts, etc.), you must wrap them completely in cushioning material (Bubble paper packaging, etc.), and then mail them in separate boxes.
  • Item Weight: Packing  with a light box or a used box could lead to parcels getting damaged. Therefore, we recommend using a cardboard box or a reinforced plywood box.If you have any questions about packaging, please feel free to contact fuuffy!


How to pack fragile goods?

  • A durable box of suitable size/ package
  • Pick the items with bubble wrap
  • Place the packaged items at the centre of the box
  • Fill the void of the box using bubble wrap or newspapers
  • Seal the close by packing tape for several times for protection.


if the items are small, you can use a courier bag with Bubble wrap inside.


How to pack heavy and big items?

  • Use stronger boxes and avoid using old and used boxes since they are less durable. 
  • Use protective materials like bubble wrap or airbags for protection.
  • Use kraft adhesive paper or protective adhesive paper to wrap the cartons. Especially on the opening and closing positions and burying gaps of the cartons, you can past the adhesive tape several times.
  • Pack more layers.


Don’t reuse an old box, which may cause damage to your goods.


Basic packing steps

Choose a box
Highly recommended to use a new box. You may reuse an old box for packaging, but it will increase the possibility of parcel damage. 
Prepare the box
Remember to prepare the box and complete packaging before the courier arrives to pickup.
Pack the items
If it is a fragile item e.g. glass or ceramics products, please wrap it with bubble wrap before putting it into the box.
Fill the box
To prevent damage inside the box, especially for fragile items, please use protective materials like bubble wrap and newspapers to fill the box and leave no space.
Measure the size and get quote
Measure and count the number of parcel(s) after packaging. Then, enter the size to get the quotation and place an order.
fuuffy’s Reminder
The courier only comes to pickup the parcel but will not assist in packaging. If the parcel is not packed properly, it may result in parcel damage, delay in delivery and even affect insurance claims. 
Each single parcel is treated as one package. Even two or more parcels are packed together and make them look like a single parcel, they will still be treated as multiple package.
fuuffy’s Reminder
Apart from packing the parcel, please be reminded to print out the shipping labels and commercial invoices sent to you along with the fuuffy confirmation email, and give them to the courier staff together with the parcel.