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Arrangement for Cancellation of Shipment and Mandatory Parcel Return


You can contact fuuffy customer service specialist if you any question.” width=


Cancellation of shipmentThe procedure of refunding


  • You must cancel the shipment before the courier pick the parcel up. Contact fuuffy customer service team to cancel the shipment
  • After fuuffy customer service team confirms that the shipment has been cancelled, the refund process will begin
  • The money will be returned to your registered credit card (usually within 5-8 working days)
fuuffy’s Reminder

If you want to cancel the shipment, please don't give the parcel to the courier. Once the courier receives the parcel, shipment can't be canceled. If the recipient refuses to accept the parcel, the sender is responsible for all incurred expenses.


Expenditure due to returning goods or failure to complete the parcel

If the delivery of the parcel is terminated for any reason or the parcel needs to be returned to the sender:
  • The sender needs to pay all the costs incurred, fuuffy will not refund;
  • The sender may have to pay all customs fees or fines incurred by packing prohibited items ing the parcel;
  • If the sender chooses to discard the parcel, he will also need to pay for the destruction of the parcel.




In the following cases, the Customs may forcibly destroy the parcel or return it to the sender

  • There exists forbidden items in the parcel.
  • The recipient refuses to pay the tax required by the customs
  • The recipient refused to or fail to provide the documents required by the Customs
  • The sender did not fully declare the contents of the shipment


If you have any questions about the return shipment, feel free to ask fuuffy online customer service team for help!