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Understanding Duties & Value added Tax

Whichever courier company you choose, the recipients of the parcel may be charged import duties.


How to calculate customs duties and value-added tax (VAT) or goods and services tax (GST)

The Customs websites of most countries/ regions have clearly indicated the local tariff rates for imported goods but it is extremely hard for non-professionals to estimate the accurate tariff charges. The calculation of import tariffs requires a thorough understanding of the materials and quantities of the goods, as well as the current import tax and the adjustment factor of the value-added tax of the goods at the local Customs, so accurate import tariffs can only be obtained after the goods inside the parcel have been confirmed by local Custom.

If you need a general tariff reference, you can refer to the tariff data of various countries provided by the World Trade Organization. (Click here)

The following table is a reference for tariff and value-added tax (VAT/GST) of each popular destination.


Country/RegionReference tax rate (including VAT/GST)   
European Union15-25%   


*All the data above is only for reference, fuuffy does not guarantee all accuracy.


Allowance for personal goods (gifts)

Some countries/ regions provide tax exemptions for non-commercial goods. You may ask your recipient to check with the local Customs whether there is any tax allowance for personal items. Please note that the local Customs may not agree with your declared value and purpose of the imported items. If the Customs believe that the value of the item you declare does not match the actual value of the item, the Customs can still impose tariffs on your items, or even more punitive tariffs on items of low declared value. If you have retained the receipts, you can put it in the parcel of the item to prove the value of the item (most customs only accept documents in English).


The following table is a reference for personal goods allowances for each popular destination



Allowance for reference


VAT exemption for reference   

800 USD

(No Charge)   
European Union22 EUR22 EUR   
UK135 GBP39 GBP / 15 GBP (Commercial goods)   
Australia(Not Applicable)(Not Applicable)   
Canada20 CAD20 CAD   


*The above data is only for reference. For most commercial items such as tobacco and alcohol, or locally imported prohibited items such as animal leather, no tax allowance will be provided. fuuffy does not guarantee the accuracy of the above.


Refusal to pay tariffs

If the local Customs decide to impose tariff, you may choose to pay at the local pickup place, or pay online. If you think that the tariff imposed is too high or for other reasons, you may choose not to pay and the imported goods will be returned to the place of shipment after the expiry of the storage period. However, the fees paid will not be refunded and you may be subject to the shipping costs of returning the item and other derivative costs at the same time.


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