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[Hong Kong to USA]-Instantly compare and book shipment from HK to USA

Last Updated : 2023-01-06

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香港寄美國報關須知 無論你寄乜,去咩國家,都需要通過進口同埋海關流程,所以都會經歷大家最痛苦嘅報關!所以Fuuffy致力將報關流程簡化。大家只要填Fuuffy平台上面嘅包裹內容,申報價值,數量等等,Fuuffy嘅系統就會自動幫你將相關嘅報關資料填寫到我哋生成嘅文件裡面,當你完成付款程序之後,我哋就會將相關資料透過電郵發送俾你,你只要將我哋寄畀你嘅文件列印出嚟交俾上門收貨員就可以完成報關程序㗎喇(係呀!我哋仲提供上門收貨服務,仲要額外提供折扣優惠,寄1kg去美國只需要約$181),係咪好簡單呢?
I believe that many netizens have relatives and friends in New York, Washington or San Francisco. Do you know how to send gifts or daily necessities to USA in a more convenient and cheaper way? Fulffy is a a 1-stop supply chain finance eMarketplace which help you to compare worldwide courier service and find the one best suit your need!

Ship From HK to USA

Do you want to send parcel from HK to USA?
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Things you must know before shipping your parcel to USA

No matter where your package is to be sent, they have to go through the customs clearance process. Fulffy can help you simplify the whole procedure. Customers only need to fill in the information about the package like the weight, value and numbers of each goods. After finishing the step of payment, we will send relevant information to you by email. Once the online appointment is confirmed, the courier staff will come to pick up the parcel at the designated date and time. You only need to print out the documents we sent you and hand it to the on-site consignee. (We arrange door-to-door pick up for every parcel! We help you to save money – we find you the best courier offer to ship from Hong Kong to USA! It costs only $181 to send a parcel weights 1KG.)

Is it possible to ship items containing batteries from HK to USA?

>We will display the characteristics of different express companies on the platform each time you use Fulffy. For example, you can see that Aramax and UPS can store electronic items! (The relevant content may be revised over time. If you have any questions, you can contact our customer service team~)

Freight of shipping from HK to USA

Do you want to know the quotations of other countries?
Our global network covers 200+countries and regions! No matter where you want to ship your parcel to, Fulffy will help you!
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List of prohibited items from Hong Kong to USA

The following are the main prohibited items sent from Hong Kong to USA
  • Flammable liquids (perfume, alcohol, aromatherapy, nail polish, paint, gasoline, motor oil, camphor oil, turpentine, thinner)
  • Gas, compressed gas, pressure tank
  • Tobacco products such as cigarettes and cigars
  • Food needed to refrigerate or fresh fruits and vegetables
  • Meat ingredients and easily spoiled foods
  • Remains (such as ashes)
  • Obscene items
  • Counterfeit or pirated items
  • Dangerous or flammable items
  • Weapons and their parts or ammunition
For more restrictions on embargoes and sensitive shipments from Hong Kong to USA, please refer to the list of prohibited items for a more detailed list of prohibited items.
The local customs or courier company has the right to charge you fines, handling fees or administrative fees when any prohibited items packaged in the parcel, lack of supporting documents required by the local customs, or false declaration. The amount of the fine will be determined by the courier company or local customs.
List of prohibited items from Hong Kong to USA—Fulffy
Frequently asked question

How much does it cost to send documents to the USA?

Taking masks sent from Hong Kong to Los Angeles in USA as an example, if the total weight of the mail does not exceed 1kg, excluding additional surcharges, fuel surcharges and taxes, the basic shipping fee for UPS is about HK$220. Of course, you can also use Fulffy quotation for an extra discount!

Besides using DHL to send to the USA, what are the other shipping methods?

In addition to DHL express, you can also choose the more popular UPS express, Aramax or Fedex. Of course, you can also get extra discounts by using Fulffy quotation!

How long does it take to send documents to the USA by UPS?

It usually takes 2-3 days to send a parcel from Hong Kong to USA by UPS express service.

How can Fulffy help you save shipping costs?

Fulffy will help you compare the prices of different courier companies: UPS, Aramax, Fedex, DHL, and also provide an additional price discount of up to 70% Off!