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[HK to UK] Ship Documents In A Favourable Price

Last Updated : 2023-01-06


Send documents to UK

The best price in Hong Kong for Sending documents from Hong Kong to UK! 

From today onwards, you can enjoy special discounted prices for sending documents to the UK. Your documents can reach major cities in the UK within 5 days*, and you can also enjoy free door-to-door pickup services.


*The actual transportation time may increase due to customs inspection or pandemic situation.


Important notes on sending documents to the UK! 

There are no special precautions for sending documents, and they can be simply marked as documents as the content of the declaration. However, please make sure that the total weight of the document does not exceed 0.5kg and does not contain non-documents, otherwise it will be processed as sending the postal package. Also, you will have to make a detailed declaration for the documents contained in the postal package. Most importantly, don’t send send indecent and obscene items, DVD etc in the form of sending documents, you should also be careful not to violate regional copyrights or promotional materials that involve politics and religion.

Once non-documents or prohibited items are found, all fees will not be refunded, and you may be charged for any derivative administrative fees.