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Rakuten Return Shipment Tutorial

Last Updated : 2023-01-06


Rakuten Return Shipment Tutorial


Rakuten Global Market officially closed in June 2020. Hong Kong consumers switched to buying Japanese products through the original Japanese Rakuten Market. Goods will be shipped to Hong Kong via the official shipping service—Rakuten Global Express. With the change of purchase route, will you encounter the problem of not knowing how to return the goods from Hong Kong to Japan? Take a look at the following instruction, and easily solve the return problem!

Return Policy of Rakuten:

Each shop has rules for returning or exchanging orders. Please refer to the shop's company profile page for the return policy (policy / rule) of each shop.

You can find the return policy on the store information page. If you have any questions or have a return request, please contact the store directly. If you have any follow-up questions, please contact customer service.

※ Notice that not each store will provide information in English.



You need to contact the shop where you ordered first.

Step 1. Log in [Purchase history]> find the order

Purchase History

Step 2. Click [View Order Details]

Step 3. Click [Cancel ordered product/return]

Step 4. Fill in the reasons why you want to return the goods.

Step 5. After the merchants confirmed, you can mail the goods back to Japan.

Courier Choice

  • Fulffy will help you find a better way to express your goods!
  • *If you want to use Rakuten Global Express to return goods, you will be charged the cost of return and the handling fee of domestic transshipment. Please refer to the official website of Rakuten for more details.

    Enter the content of shipment

content of shipmentcourier companydeclaration of goods

  • Enter the size and estimated weight of the parcel& Pick up a logistic companies& Complete the process of declaration
  • Remember to write [Return Shipment-No Commercial Value] in Supplementary info

Pickup Detailspickup detailspickup details

  • Fill in the door-to-door pickup address in Hong Kong and the address given by Rakuten on the Return Mailing Label
  • please remember to print the shipping labels, commercial invoice and purchase prove

Online Payment


Fulffy Reminder:

If what you received does not what you ordered, please contact the store directly and provide the order number and other relevant information. The store will assist in solving the problem.

If you cannot get a reply in three working days after contacting the store, or you cannot communicated with the owner due to language problems, feel free to to contact the customer service team of Rakuten.

※ Please contact the shop first instead of calling for help from the customer service team.


Frequently asked question

Do I need to communicate directly with Rakuten customer service team if I want to return goods?

You need to contact the shop where you ordered first, and then communicate with customer service if the communication fails.

Who pays the tax on returned goods?

It is recommended to communicate directly with the merchant and reach an agreement.

What if the store does not respond to the return request?

If you don’t get a reply after 3 working days or you cannot communicate due to language problems, please contact the Japanese customer service team.