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[British immigration in 2021 🇬🇧] BNO Hong Kong residents apply for LOTR immigration to the UK!

Last Updated : 2023-12-20

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Notes for LOTR application

lotr ukLOTR—Leave Outside the Rules, United Kingdom The Ministry of Home Affairs allows Hong Kong residents and their family members holding BNO to stay in the UK for up to 6 months before the BNO visa takes effect. During this period, they can stay, work and study without social benefits, and then they can apply for a BNO visa to settle in the UK directly. 5 years.

LOTR application conditions

  1. Proof of having a BNO identity: Possess a valid or expired BNO passport or Home Office can verify the identity of the BNO (preferably email inquiries and print documents in advance).
  2. Proof of living in Hong Kong/ UK: such as Hong Kong ID card/Hong Kong medical card/school letter/company letter/government letter/tax bill/utility bill, etc.
  3. Proof of sufficient financial resources: such as proof of bank balance/investment/proof of work in the UK/salary of accompanying family members/proof of accommodation provided by friends or family members, etc., at least 6 months of living expenses in the UK.
  4. There are no serious criminal convictions (have no serious criminal convictions): You can apply for "no criminal convictions at the Hong Kong Police Force Certificate of Record".

The official recommendation is to buy travel or medical insurance first, because you are not eligible to apply for social welfare and enjoy NHS free medical services.


  1. Children without BNO must apply for entry at the same time as their parents with BNO to be eligible for LOTR. They cannot apply for entry alone as a child of BNO and only hold a Hong Kong SAR passport.
  2. Does not accept applications for status other than BNO, including BDTC and CUKC status that have long expired.
  3. After applying for LOTR, you must apply for a BNO visa to stay in the UK.
  4. You must apply for LOTR to the customs officer upon entry
  5. It is estimated that it will take two hours before and after the LOTR application process, and all documents are ready

Further reading:

  • If you are a British national (overseas), you can stay in the UK as a visitor for up to 6 months without a visa. However, subject to immigration control, as a visitor, you have no right to live, work or conduct long-term studies in the UK. You should leave the UK after the visit.
  • It is recommended that you purchase travel or health insurance because you cannot get public funds and must pay most of the medical expenses.
  • If you need to come to the UK for more than 6 months, or work or study, please check if you need a visa.


BNO application, BNO renewal, BNO renewal qualification span>

  • Hong Kong people who successfully applied for BNO before July 1, 1997.
  • If a parent with a BNO has filled in the name of a child under the age of 16 in the "included child" column of the passport, the child can also apply for the BNO.


BNO application, BNO renewal, BNO renewal required documents

  • Old BNO passport (without corners)-If you have lost it, you need to fill in a loss report form
  • Double-sided color photocopy of Hong Kong permanent resident ID card
  • The entire color photocopy of the current passport (with front cover, back cover and blank pages)
  • Original proof of residential address within 12 months (e.g. government letter, bank letter)
  • Color photocopy of birth paper of myself or my parents



Frequently asked question

When is the deadline for lotr application?

Lotr's application is closed on 19/07/2021.

After applying lotr to the UK, how long should I apply for bno?

You must apply to complete the bno within half a year of arriving in the UK.

Can I enjoy British social welfare after I apply for lotr and go to the UK?

You cannot enjoy British social welfare while living in the UK through lotr.